POWER PACK (Capacitor Backup)

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Power PackPower Pack


During the fault condition in an electrical systems, breaker trips and isolates the faulty circuits from the healthy area. The shunt trip coil plays an important role in tripping the breaker. Hence the most reliable DC auxillary source is required to drive the tripping circuit.

SP-103 Power pack is an ideal, cost effective DC auxillary back up solution for tripping the breaker in an unmanned sub station or in some of the places where making provision of the dedicated battery system and its maintenance is practically not possible.

Power PackPower Pack

Technical Specification:

Input:110-230V AC @50Hz
Power (Watt/sec):user specified*
Charging time:5 seconds maximum
Insulation:2KV rms for 1 minute between earth and all terminals short
Enclosure:Fabricated metal body