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  1. Micro controller based design
  2. Wide range of Aux, supply
  3. Continuous Line Voltage display
  4. Wide range of Nominal voltage setting
  5. Wide range of Dead Band setting
  6. Built in Under/Over voltage lockout
  7. Built in PTF fail indication
  8. Built in Controle fail indication
  9. Built in manual raise / lower the Transformer Tap
  10. Password protected setting

Technical Specification:

PT SUPPLY:5-275V AC @50HZ. (Continuous Line voltage Display)
SURGE PROTECTED:Both auxiliary supply & PT supply.
NOMINAL SETTING (NS):Selectable option for selecting both Lower/ Higher side of the Nominal voltage (110V) for 5Volts in steps of 0.1 V (for ex: Raise nominal setting (NS) = 110 to 105V insteps of 0.1V & Lower nominal setting (NS) = 110 to 115V in steps of 0.1V.)
DEAD BAND SETTING:Selectable option for Raise/ Lower side dead band setting, upto +/- 10V from NS setting (For ex: Raise (R) value = 105 to 95V in step of 0.1 V & Lower (L) value = 115 to 125V in steps of 0.1V.
UNDER/OVER VOLT BLOCKING : Selectable option for both Lower/Higher side for Under Voltage blocking from 90 to 80V in steps of 0.1 V & Over Volt Blocking from 130 to 140V in steps of 0.1V.
Under Voltage & over voltage blocking Relay Restoration voltage is 5.0V for (ex: under voltage block = 80.0 + 5.0 = 85V & over voltage block = 125.0V - 5.0V = 120.0V
TIME DELAY SETTING:Selectable option for both Raise pulse & Lower pulse Relays time between the two pulses from 5-120sec in steps of 1sec.
PLUSE RELAY TIME:Both Raise pulse &Lower pulse Relay closing time is 1sec. Under voltage & over voltage Relay Restoration 5.0V for ex: under voltage block = 80.0 + 5.0 = 85V & over voltage block = 125.0V - 5.0V = 120.0V
PT SUPPLY FAILURE PT Supply Failure Relay energizes after 5 sec, when input PT voltage down 10V with indication PT supply Failure Relay denergises after 10 Sec, when input PT voltage raises to 11V
CONTROLE RELAY FAILControle failure Relay energizes after 15 minutes continuos Lower/Raise pulse when voltage not reach the DEAD BAND value.



  1. Auto
  2. Configuration
  3. Under voltage (NS) set value.
  4. Over voltage (NS) set value.
  5. Lower voltage pulse Relay on (L)/set value.
  6. Raise voltage pulse Relay on (R)/set value.
  7. Under voltage relay lock/set value(UV BLK)
  8. Over voltage lock relay on/ set value (OV BLK)
  9. Lower voltage condition start / set value (LR)
  10. Raise voltage condition start / set value (RR)
  11. Off time set value (UV / OV relay).
  12. PT fail indication (Input sens Voltage)
  13. Test mode on
  14. Control fail relay